Mini OIL Refinery

Modular Refinery Plant under Construction

Modular Refinery Plant under Construction

Modular Refinery Plant Model

Modular Refinery Plant Model

Smart Modular Refinery Plant and Equipment Chart

Smart Modular Refinery Plant and Equipment Chart

VEGA PETROLEUM DMCC is an authorised representive of M/s. NORTH WEST OIL AND GAS TRADING COMPANY, 28 Old Rudnick Lane, DE 19901 Dover, U.S.A to market their “ SMART MODULAR REFINERIES” in Asia, Middle East and Africa regions.

NW Oil Group offers to set up “Smart Modular Crude Oil “ refinery using latest “Cold Cracking” technology, on turnkey basis.

The entire refinery can be build and in operational within 18 Months period, Subject to Local conditions.

The Northwest Oil Group carries out design, manufacturing: Smart Modular Refineries” with crude processing capacity upto 5000 BBL per day with an option to scale up further process capacity of 5000 BBL each, as per client’s requirements.

North West Oil “ Smart Modular Refineries” are capable of processsing all the grades of light and heavy crudes. Our latest refining technology designed to produce upto 60% diesel out put to enchance the refining feasability with minumum quantity of low coast prodcuts and meets Euro 4 quality standared.


“ Smart Modular Refinery” is ideal for:

  • To set up adjacent to small Oil producing field, which will cater to the local community with refined products and save high transportation and storage coast.
  • Short period to set up and able to start production, which will help to save fiance coast.
  • Modular processing technology units allows expanding daily crude processing capacity by adding more units, rapidly, as per market requirements.
  • Huge operational savings due to Low manitanance coast and minimum manpower required for operations.


For More Information Technical/ Commercial, please contact: Mobile: +971556710444


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